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Jane B. Hahn 
(614) 946-9521


Jane’s expertise was phenomenal. She was able to sit down with my father and me multiple times to explain what the paperwork meant, how to solve the current and future issues, give us a calculation on what money we would need for me to attend college, and also find new ways, like scholarships, to help pay for my education.  Her politeness and more importantly, her patience, is a characteristic of her personality and why she is such a great person to work with. . . If there is anything I can say to Jane it is — from the bottom of my heart–I really appreciate every second you helped my family and me. You have given me confidence to ask questions while ensuring that it can have a positive result. You have made me wiser and opened my knowledge and my heart to become more humble, polite, and patient. Thank you for everything.

Kwaku, Student, Columbus College of Art and Design

Working with Jane to get into college was a true delight! As a transfer student who had many requirements with regards to what I wanted and expected in a college, Jane helped me find a school that not only took most of my transfer credits, but strongly aligned with my personal views and major interests.

Alyssa, Student, Oregon State

Jane’s experience on both sides of the college process, as an admissions officer and high school counselor, is a unique asset. When I received a financial award offer from a university that I wanted to attend but was unsure that it would be financially feasible, she both understood my circumstances and counseled me through identification of compelling reasons to petition the institution for increased assistance. My petition was successful, and I can’t imagine how I would have gotten the increased award without Jane’s help.

Arthur, Student, The University of Chicago

Jane is an integral part of our middle school, high school and college planning.  As home educators we found planning for our children’s higher education daunting since we do not have access to career and college counselors like most parents whose children attend public and private schools. Thankfully, Jane fills that void. She is an amazing listener who takes your concerns, desires and requests and returns to you an educated plan for middle school through college. We now have a road map for our children and although our destinations will change with every child, we know Jane’s expertise, connections and dedication will guide us down the proper path.

Angela, Parent